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Brief intro of Wirelesssir's wireless TV Headset

Wireless TV Headset is a kind of assistive listening devices that enhance a person's hearing for specific problem areas which including: TV viewing, music listening,etc.
It promotes safety and independence for a hearing impaired or deaf person,as well as normal person without disturbing others.

Wirelesssir have 3 models of wireless tv headset that can be connected to user's TV  or other audio sources,and the signal is transmitted wirelessly to headset.
1. Infrared model – where the signal is sent by an infrared light transmitter. This infrared technology is often used in the home to amplify the TV voice,which requires a clear line-of-sight between the transmitter and the receiver.
2. Digital 2.4GHz model- The signal is transmit via a RF signal, do not require line of site. It can provide high definition stereo sound.
3. Bluetooth™ model- Totally new application that can be paired to a Bluetooth™ device which transmits the sound directly to your hearing headset.It also supports Phone Function to ensure users not to miss any phone call while enjoy the TV.



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