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With the growing of company's business, we wirelesssir are looking for more and more talents to join our team, for detailed job info, please refer to news colume on our website, or email us to: hr@wirelesssir.com:
Job Function:  Logistics Specialist/Assistant   
- Communicate with freight forwarders, factories, and merchandisers regarding any issues relating to shipments;
- Ensure items such as POs, case label, product testing, booking, shipping documents, etc. are executed in a timely and efficient manner;
- Ensure customer compliance and guidelines;
- Other duties required by supervisors.
- Bachelor degree or above, major in logistics or international trade related is preferred;
- With experience in international shipping or customs clearance related is preferred.
- CET-4 or above, good English communication skills.
- Good skills on Microsoft Office.
- Strong sense of responsibility, earnest, careful, patient.
- Smart, willing to learn, good at communication.


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