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A hearing-impaired girl don't need to do a English listening test.

On June 27th, 2013 , Qingdao 50th school in the last day of final exams, a hearing impaired girl named Lily attended a special English listening test - With personal sound amplifier be in separate examination. Wirelesssir learned that Lily was diagnosed with nerve deafness at 5 years old, had saying and hearing problem. Her teachers and classmates take much care of Lily in learning, not only arranged for her to sit in the first row, but also gave her a room alone in the end of important examinations, with personal sound amplifier to enlarge the volume, but it is difficult to enjoy the kind of special treatment in the high school entrance exam, Lily was very worried about this problem.

Eventually, after her school applications for the exam, this year Lily have an Exemption in English listening and speaking. Listening and speaking scores would base on her situation of written examination proportionally, which is undoubtedly a good new for her and her family.

"Tomorrow, English exam will be without hearing test, which subtracts a lot of pressure on her, and now the questions that she should do have done, the children in good shape." Lily 's mother Ms. Sun told us.



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