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Bone Conduction Headset

Traditional speaker transmit sound through air into people’s eardrum, then effect to auditory nerve to let people hear the sound.

Eardrums are very fragile parts which would be impacted by long time of high volume, or any noisy environments. It will cause hearing loss,or even worse the deafness. However, some people’s auditory nerve in inner ear remains in good condition.

Bone conduction speaker is applied to hearing market several years ago , using the concept of transmitting a signal that could be understood and relayed using people’s skull bones. With smaller size speaker and improved frequency response nowadays, bone conduction speaker found its way into many new assistive hearing products.

Wirelesssir is dedicate to help hearing loss people by manufacturing assistive listening devices, which brought comfortable and healthy sounds to hearing impaired. Product range covers wireless TV headset,wireless TV speaker, personal sound amplifier, hearing aids, etc.

Over the past years, we’ve been engineering innovative items, and the newest bone conduction wireless tv headset are about to launch to market.

This unit is to satisfy those users who do not want to miss his call while wearing a headset, watching tv wirelessly. Or those with Single-sided deafness,and Ear canal & middle ear problems.

For bone conduction wireless TV headset, there is no need to amplify its volume, Or, to worry whether it would bring damage to ear or hearing. As the sound is converted into vibrations, and sends through users’ skull bone, directly to inner ear. This will bypass any problems in users’ ear canal or middle ear.

Features and application:

  +Innovative Bone Conduction technology

  +Unique under-chin wearing style

  + Normal volume,clean and natural sound

  + Wireless sound transmission

  + Assistive device for Single-sided deafness

  +Hearing protection for Ear canal & middle ear problems



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