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Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset - Wirelesssir

Wireless TV listening headsets are designed to help hearing impaired people be accessible to high quality sounds without higher the sounds that might disturb others. When watching TV, people might miss most of the calls while wearing a headset. Or, quite inconveniently, they had to take off the headset and then accept a call.

By adopting the most common Bluetooth function available in almost all the smart phones , our under developing Bluetooth wireless TV headset can better solve above problems, and achieved the seamless alternation between TV sound and incoming call, for head-of-hearing groups.




+Can connect two devices at the same time, (e.g.: TV and mobile phone)

+Wireless listening to TV with high volume output without disturbing others

+Incoming call alert while using headset

+Simple press to accept incoming call

+Auto back to TV sound when call ended

Wireless TV Headphone - Supplied by WIRELESSSIR



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