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How to choose wireless TV listening system for hearing loss people?

Q&A: How to choose a suitable wireless TV listening system for hearing loss people???

With the growing population of aged people, Wireless TV listening system is becoming a more and more popular electronic item selected for family seniors.
It can help hearing impaired people with their severe hearing loss while listening to TV or other audio sources. Most important of all, without disturbing other members at home.
A complete wireless TV listening system contains one transmitter and one (or 1+) receiver(also known as headset). It can remove the background noise and to bring clear TV sounds with higher clarity to users.
Among various style of wireless TV listening system available in market, how to choose a suitable model?
1. What kind of Wearing style should I choose? Stethoscopic headset or Over-the-head headphone?
(A): Usually, stethoscopic headset is more suitable to elders. Light-weighted with in-ear earplug, it brings more conveniences to elderly without lifting their arms while wearing this headset. Some people would prefer the headphone, as its big earmuff would bring wider acoustic effect than an in-ear type earplug.
2. What are the advantage and disadvantage of different technology that adopted to the headset? The Infrared/ 2.4GHz/Bluetooth/FM???
(A)   Speaking from the technical aspects,
 Operating time: Infrared>FM>Bluetooth>2.4GHz
       Operating range: FM>2.4GHz>Infrared>Bluetooth
 S/N ratio: 2.4GHz>Bluetooth>FM>Infrared
3. Which features are necessary?
(A): Models from different manufacturer would have various features. Normally, volume control and balance control are necessary to hearing loss group. As their hearing problems are not the same. Tone control, replaceable battery and hearing aid function are optional, depending on users’ needs. In principle, the simpler, the better.


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