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Brand Name: Wireless TV Speaker- Assistive Listening Device Applicable to lift chair,sofa,etc.

    The Wireless TV Speaker is designed for those hard-of-hearing of people who want to have their own volume level while watching TV. It adopts digital 2.4GHz wireless technology that convert crystal clear stereo sounds to user without wearing uncomfortable headphones, to avoid letting the user being isolated to surrounding environment or disturbing others while enjoying the TV shows.

    1) Get rid of burdened headphones/Hearing aids
    2) Personal volume control
    3) 2.4GHz wireless technology
    4) Adjustable speaker height
    5) Separate Left&Rright speaker for different location
    6) Hearing TV without filling the room with sound
    7) Easy installation, applicable to sofa, chair, bed head
    8) No longer isolated from surrounding environment
    9) Compatible with various TV and audio sources



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