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Brand Name: 2.4GHz Digital Wireless TV Headset

    Patented Item. CE,RoHS certificated!

    This TV Lover Series Wireless Headset adopted digital 2.4GHz wireless technology that convert TV audio output to headset for assistive TV listening in your living room. With its ergonomic earplug design, it brings comfortable wearing, clear dialogues and perfect stereo sound without burden of disturbing others while connecting to TV, hi-fi system, radio or other audio sources.

    NEW Value-Added functions!!!
    + Headset auto turn off function when charging
    + Headset auto alarm function while battery low

    PP rod for headset, softer& more flexible
    User replaceable Li-ion battery
    Longer battery operating time
    Ergonomic earplug design for comfortable wearing
    Adjustable volume control, balance control
    Over 120dB output ensure excellent hearing
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction technology
    Dual receiver charging cradles



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