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Brand Name: Tinnitusdeafness treatment

    EAR-Lover features miniaturization, light weight, and it will reduce current consumption,it is very convenient to carry and use. EAR-Lover can be very reliable in the aid of tinnitus, hearing-loss and sleeplessness. With advanced technology this product contains three important functions in one product, the cost is very low. It can be worn at all times, and is affordable to those on fixed incomes.

    1.EAR-Lover is based on the theory of Chinese Acupuncture and channels collateral therapy, combined with German low frequency pulse biological engineering technology which produces Biological electrical impulses that can benefit the human body, stimulate ear acupoint, activate internal auricular nerve, and renew the hearing function.

    2.EAR-Lover has hypnotic function, it can produce in line with the sleeping brain waves of low frequency pulse, matched up with dedicated hypnotic ear clip to use.

    3.EAR-Lover also has a hearing-aid function, the maximum volume is close to 130 dB, almost in line with the requirements of all hearing impaired people. This is an affordable solution to those needing a hearing aid.



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